Gregory Berry Attorney at Law New York City

Practice Areas

Intellectual Property (Patents, Copyright, Trademarks)

Mr. Berry has many years of real-world training and experience in software engineering. He was a software engineer for over ten years in Silicon Valley, and so has a deep understanding of technical issues in the most complex cases involving a vast range of technologies including computer software and hardware, internet technologies, medical imaging and surgical devices, telecommunications, semiconductors, financial services, e-commerce, manufacturing processes, and others. His technological background gives him a fundamental understanding of a wide range of technical areas, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemical processes, consumer products, and more.

In addition to Mr. Berry's unrivaled technical expertise, his particular talent is in making complex concepts accessible to members of the lay public. He is acutely aware of the critical need to prepare cases so that if they end up at trial, Mr. Berry can present a powerful and accessible narrative to the jury. In addition to Mr. Berry's broad technical background he has several years experience teaching, lending him exactly the skills necessary to explain complex concepts simply. This combination of technical expertise and communication ability makes Mr. Berry uniquely qualified to handle your most important and complex intellectual property disputes.